Wobbly smiles

IMG_2086Kaya’s drawings always melt my heart a little bit..

Every so often we spent an afternoon writing letters. I love communicating the old fashioned way. Kaya loves getting post. To get post you must send post. So the little guy produces pages upon pages of letters or cards. This one is a birthday card for his great-grandmother in Germany.

I bought a couple of A4 sketchbooks to keep Kaya’s drawings all in one place. He often prefers watercolours, so we still have a lot of loose pages in the cupboard that I really need to get a folder for.

Kaya’s other favourite drawing activity these days is to repaint his toy cars. We found a blue CD marker which is not washable (and only to be used downstairs, not in his room, and with some newspaper to protect the table underneath! ), so now slowly all of his cars are turning blue. This is the one thing that keeps him focussed the longest, painting all those tiny side mirrors and bumpers… not quite as heart-melting for me, but it surely makes the little guy happy!

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10 Responses to Wobbly smiles

  1. I smiled right out when I saw this wobbly smile, Svenna. Great job Kaya!

  2. That birthday card is so precious!

  3. jenmun says:

    das ist auch eine sehr beliebte Beschäftigung hier bei uns..Post an Oma und Opa..oder den besten Freund;) einfach schön und total spannend was dann zurück kommt;)

  4. geschea says:

    Hach, Kinderkunst ist einfach das Beste! Da kann ich gar nicht genug von bekommen und freu mich schon riesig darauf, wenn aus Aarons ersten Kreisen mal mehr entsteht. Kayas Oma wird sich riesig freuen! Ganz liebe Grüße an euch alle, Gesche

  5. karen says:

    that wobbly smile is contagious. I use to hide all the permanent markers (and scissors) from my children-too creative for me!

  6. Renee says:

    Awww – that card and drawing made my heart melt a bit too 🙂 Bless him.

    And yes to writing letters! Funnily enough, you are probably the third person I’ve ‘spoken’ to lately about snail mail. I’ve really been meaning to get back into my letter writing – it’s a dying art – let’s preserve and revive it! If you like, we can exchange snail mail addies and write each other whenever we get the chance. We have to keep the Royal Mail alive somehow…(not that they need it with their 90p first class stamps! Hahhaha!) xx

  7. meghann says:

    Oh, I love that wobbly smile! Julia has just started drawing faces. Faces with arms and legs going right off them (no bodies) and mouths that go straight across. But just the other day one of them curved up at the edges. Little things like that are so beautiful, aren’t they? xo

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