Easter Preparations

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We have started to get ready for the Easter weekend.
This year, we dyed the first of our eggs with tissue paper. I’ve never used this method before, but a friend showed me earlier this week and her eggs looked so lovely.
Our colours came out a bit more watercolour-like than hers, I think because we smoothed the paper down instead of just popping it on.
To make these lovely eggs, just rip tissue paper into small pieces, dip them in water and cover your egg with them. It’s perfect to do with the kids, and also works well for blown-out eggs, because it’s such a gentle method and the eggs won’t break.
Once the paper starts to dry it will come off easily and reveal you pretty eggs.
Because we smoothed our paper down so much, it sometimes got a little stuck. I was tempted to leave the paper on one of them, it looked to beautiful – but then I was too curious to see how it looked underneath!

Only make sure to cover your table (that’s a lesson I learned!). Your fingers will also get stained; that put Kaya off a bit, so he started doing the washing up a bit early.

Before we blow out our eggs, we poke the inside with a wooden skewer, that breaks the yolk and makes it much easier to blow everything out!

We used our eggs straight away to make a simnel cake. Another first for me!
We used this recipe, with a few modifications to fit our pantry. Instead of all those different kinds of dried things, I used about 375g of mixed dried fruit I still had at home, and only about half the sugar.
A simnel cake is decorated with eleven marzipan balls to represent the twelve apostles, minus Judas. Kaya was in charge of those as well as the mixing and rolling out the marzipan layers. He was a bit sad his decorations didn’t make it all the way around the cake, but he didn’t want to space them out more evenly either. A smiley cake it is now!

Kaya decided that it was his favourite toy car VW Tiguan’s birthday yesterday, so we had to have a slice straight away and sing Happy Birthday. Three times!

Tomorrow morning we’ll be making Hot Cross Buns. I made these Chocolate and Cherry ones before, but I think this time we’ll go for the traditional version.
There’ll also be eggs to boil and decorate; maybe a less messy version for my fussy boy. I have some red cabbage, onion peel and turmeric waiting.

How do you dye your eggs?
Do you have any seasonal baking planned for this weekend?

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4 Responses to Easter Preparations

  1. Renee says:

    Oh Svenna – what a sweet post! Kaya makes me laugh! Especially how he does not like stained fingers (Bea is funny with mucky hands too) and decided it was his toy car’s birthday! I look forward to when I can bake and do crafts with Bea. Happy Easter 🙂

  2. What a wonderful post and I love how you did your Easter eggs. I’m sure it was messy as you described, but much more interesting for the kids than just sitting them in colored water and waiting! We’ll be working on sugar cookies with various colors of royal icing. I hope they turn out well!

  3. Kasia says:

    The eggs are beautiful but the cake- oh, my! I’m drooling over the keyboard…

    When we were children, we used to dye our Easter eggs by boiling them in water with onion skins. Sometimes we would draw some decorations with a candle and then dye them. Unfortunately, we haven’t done any creative Easter preparations this year yet- two kids with a nasty cold is not fun at all. Maybe I will manage to bake something tomorrow with my daughter.

    Happy Easter Svenna!

  4. karen says:

    The eggs came out beautiful! I was wondering what was decorating that cake top! Love the symbolism. When the kids were here, we’d dye eggs. and there was potato salad !!

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