IMG_3086 IMG_3090This was the first weekend in ages that we were all at home. So good!
We had plans for yesterday, but Kaya was so busy digging a swimming pool in the back of the garden (I haven’t checked the size of the hole yet. I hope it’s a pool for the earthworms!), slowly we all found our way out there and abandoned everything else. The picnic blanket came out of the shed and we had lunch outside. In coats and hats, but outside.
I got some knitting done – Kaya was very keen to help me wind the second skein of wool, but only for two minutes, then the whole thing go too boring and I had to do it on my own. Oh well.
Today we had ice cream from a van when we were walking on the commons. It must be some kind of spring after all! Plus, I found it’s quite handy for children to eat ice cream when it’s still so cold outside, because for once Kaya was eating faster than the ice cream melted!

Wishing you all a sunny week ahead..
Weekending with Amanda


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5 Responses to Weekending

  1. heathermama says:

    LOL funny about the ice cream. that wee little one, so so cute. 🙂 have a wonderful week.

  2. karen says:

    My son used to help me with balling up yarn!! I think the older he became the more “helpful” he was. Just the thought of eating ice cream in cold weather is giving me shivers…brr..

    • There’s still hope then.. I usually have strict rules about weather and ice cream, but it was so bright and sunny we couldn’t resist! And luckily nobody got a sore throat.

  3. the habit of being says:

    good point on the ice cream 🙂 love that blanket you have your wee one wrapped in!

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