All tucked away

I never got round to sharing with you how my pre-move clearing out went.
Because of the rather big cull I did last year, clearing most of the house was a quick and rather painless affair.
But last time, I never cleared out our office space, so I tackled that one first.

In our new home, our ‘office’ room has been reduced to my bureau desk in a corner of the living room. So cutting down on stuff was crucial. Also my husband now doesn’t have his own desk anymore and instead has to share with me, poor soul.
We got rid of an incredible amount of paper and things we just didn’t need, and then set about organising the rest.

Most of the contents of this desk are craft materials of all sorts. Like the little box with a big tangle of embroidery thread, other spools of thread and minuscule felt offcuts.
A few bits of cardboard did wonders to that box!

IMG_2625 IMG_2624 IMG_2627

My yarn, that was forever tumbling off the shelves, is now contained in a box (with lid. Safe from little hands). I used the stash feature on my ravelry profile for the first time, to catalogue the contents of that box.
Now I don’t have to take everything out to see what’s hiding at the bottom.

IMG_2582I got a few little boxes for different sorts of smaller fabric leftovers and folded the bigger pieces to stack them up together.
There is also a box with odd ends of yarn, and that box with the thread and ribbons. And sweet little labels on each box so everything looks happy and is easy to find.


In a drawer I keep all our letter writing utensils. I am quite fond of postcards of all kinds, and to get a grip on the pile I sorted them by occasion and loosely held them together with a rubber band. Now I know where to find a birthday card, a thank you card, or a card-just-to-say-hello when I need one.


I am quite happy to get to use my desk, which holds the sewing machine as well as all the craft materials, and stationery and other officy bits, in the living room. It’s a lot more social, and I can get a bit of sewing done while Kaya goes about his busy business, and the baby rolls around the floor.
So far, it’s been working well, and luckily the desk folds up and the doors close on smaller project process messes. We’ll see how it goes the next time I start working on a quilt!



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6 Responses to All tucked away

  1. lucindalines says:

    Love your ideas. Another thing I have done was take a large jar (my mother owned a restaurant, so always had those) and drop my scrap balls of yarn into it for storage, easy to see and sort of decorative. Problem is I haven’t taken anything out of it yet. I should work on granny squares then they would get used up.

  2. Renee says:

    Look at all that organized, simplified loveliness 🙂 Enjoy and happy creating 🙂

  3. karen says:

    Looks so neat and tidy. Love the postcards bundled. I’ve used ravelry stash for years and it does come in handy!!

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