Corners of our home

IMG_4171 IMG_4158IMG_3783 IMG_4125 IMG_4164 IMG_4162* Time for a little housewarming. It takes time to make a house a home, no? Looking through the pictures of our first days and weeks here: We’ve come quite some way already.
* Our new cheese loving housemate is from Lola Murals. We named him Harold.
* I had been trying to come up with the best way to display Kaya’s artwork. After discarding a trail of thoughts about clips and wires and frames it came to me: washi tape. Perfect.
* If you walk past outside, you might see me waving down with a cup of coffee from my comfy little chair by the kitchen window. Those quiet moments are rare, but cherished.

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6 Responses to Corners of our home

  1. Have you seen these before? ( When they were a “start up” business years ago, we did a tie in with a creative company that I was working for. They’re beautiful quality.

  2. Erin says:

    The corners are always the best places. Happy Housewarming, Svenna!

  3. karen says:

    I have my fingers crossed that you get to stay put in the house for quite a while. Love Harold, he looks like a Harold 🙂

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