20130526_143420 IMG_4281_2 IMG_4291_2We had a bit of a fright when Kaya took a tumble down the stairs this morning. Nothing is broken, only his finger is all wrapped up (and this boy is more afraid of plasters than he is of needles).
“Now we both have a sling” he says, “you have one for babies and I have one for hands.”

Apart from the trip to A&E, today was beautiful. All sunshine and ice cream in parks and a squeaking baby. Now, with a light breeze coming in through open windows, Kaya playing one-armedly in the sandpit outside, I wait for the little guy to sleep, maybe pick up some knitting, and savour all that is peaceful this weekend.

Weekending with Amanda.
How has yours been?


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5 Responses to Weekending

  1. the habit of being says:

    little boys will keep you on your toes! so happy nothing is broken and he’s back to playing 🙂

  2. naturmama says:

    Ohje! Zum Glück nix Schlimmeres. Gute Besserung dennoch.
    Unser Wochenende war… kalt.
    🙂 Liebe Grüße!

  3. remmus26 says:

    visiting from The Habit… so sorry to hear of your little one’s tumble. Glad he’s okay. Other than that, sounds like an oh so lovely weekend! 🙂

  4. karen says:

    glad he is okay! My son used to do the craziest accidents, sometimes without doing anything at all!

  5. Erin says:

    I’m so glad he’s ok! Sounds like an otherwise peaceful weekend!

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