Or -beginning, rather. How did Monday sneak up on me like this?
The weekend was a little manic with wonderful moments and not so pretty ones. This morning carried on just as Sunday had ended. Even though (or because?) Kaya was at kindergarten, there was a lot of rushing and too much to do. (It did involve the baby’s first train ride. He remains unimpressed.)
Around noon, I got back early and sat down on a bench in the yard, before any other parents arrived to wait for their children. A little pocket of time before I had to remember bus timetables and buying bananas and how to fit what I still had to do into an afternoon so full of other things.
I took out my knitting, ignoring the sneaky feeling that I am going to run out of yarn much too soon. I could see a bird sitting on the very top of a tall tree behind all the buildings. He started singing – since it was just the two of us I felt like I had my own private concert. I have no idea about birds, but whatever kind you were: thank you. Your song was much appreciated.

Belated weekending with Amanda.
Happy Monday!

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3 Responses to weekending

  1. the habit of being says:

    i enjoy my early morning walks because of the bird song so i can relate 😉

  2. Renee says:

    hope it’s all less manic for you and that you’ve managed to catch your breath. that’s so lovely – your own private bird concert. really liked that 🙂 enjoy your week!

  3. Erin says:

    Kindergarten?! He’s growing so fast!

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