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Kaya drew Batu, himself and his Daddy on the Father’s Day card. “I’m very sorry, Mama, but there is no space for you. Maybe you can be in the kitchen.”
Thanks so much.
Our Father’s Day started with bundling everyone up for a walk to the shops – we’d run out of coffee of all things. Only I had forgotten it was Sunday.. and no, supermarkets do not open at 7 on a Sunday.
Other than that, we had a nice and rainy weekend.
We’d made a plate for Daddy in a local pottery painting shop. I had grand plans for a tiny handprint inside a bigger one, but Kaya did not like the idea of having to paint on his hand. Instead he designed the plate’s background and painted Batu’s foot to make a print, and everyone was happy.

Now there is some yarn waiting to be wound, some thin cotton hats on the needles for this June that feels like April. Again.

IMG_5213Weekending with Amanda
How has yours been?


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4 Responses to Weekending

  1. amanda says:

    oof. well, then, in the kitchen you are 😉
    love the plate!

  2. Renee says:

    hahahah! oh dear – the things they say, eh? sounds like a lovely day 🙂 and look at that yarn – beaut! have a lovely week 🙂

  3. Adeola says:

    Oh and to think I was wishing June would hurry back to being June, the colours in that yarn make me wish for autumn! What is it and where is it so while the rain lasts I can happily prepare for crisp bright cold sun and crunchy leaves????x

  4. karen says:

    gotta love what kids say! My son has said many funny things when he was younger. Love the plate-a great gift!!

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