Bright days


(Some sort of) Summer must have arrived, because I feel like my head is up in the clouds a little. There are too many ideas to finish one thing. Too much to do to get it all done in a day. There should definitely be more hours in a day at the moment.
Also, I should really start going to bed earlier. I love my bed. I don’t spend nearly enough time there. I have never been a morning person; but – the evening hours are the best time to have time, to myself. More hours, I say.
And during the daylight hours flying past, there is all that business of being to be remembered. Being with the kidlets, picking grass in the park, finding roses on the pavement. That good stuff.
And so I’ve spent another evening doing a bit of this, making a bit of that, sewing a few seams, winding some yarn, knitting a few stitches, a head full of hessian and bunting and fabric crayons and lion mane coloured yarn.
Time to call it a day.
Good night, all!


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2 Responses to Bright days

  1. karen says:

    Funny I wish I was more of a night person! I thrive in the mornings and some of my best thinking happens then. Not so much during the evening.

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