IMG_0669I mentioned a little while ago that I am preparing to run the Race for Life, in aid of Cancer Research.
This Sunday, I will don my pink t-shirt  for the big event. Only I’m not very prepared – I abandoned all training when I woke up last week all red and puffy eyed and with a terrible sore throat. I didn’t think it very safe to run around town when you can’t really see where you’re going! Now, I’m slowly on the mend and I am definitely going to be at the starting line this weekend. Luckily this is a race where you can walk or dance if you’re not quite up for running, just in case.
I didn’t manage to do some of the fundraising events I’d planned, but I prepared a little giveaway.

IMG_0672 IMG_0674There is a set of four mix-and-match coasters, with two lovely summery prints on either side, and a double layer of cotton wadding inside. They are hand-quilted with some whimsical little circle shapes.
There is also a rosy placemat made with fabrics from Amy Butler’s Love collection. Like the coasters, the placemat is reversible, so if there is a stain or you’re feeling less flowery just flip it over. The reverse is a lovely happy kitchen print in orange.

IMG_0680 IMG_0682All of these have been hand-quilted and washed, for the puckered homely look of your favourite quilt, only in miniature.

IMG_0683To enter the giveaway I won’t make you donate, but you kind of know that this is the idea. This giveaway is a little thank you for supporting me and a worthy cause.
If you’d like to donate, you can do so easily on my justgiving page here (online, using your card or paypal), or by clicking on the little pink button on the bottom right.
Any money donated will go directly to Cancer Research UK.
Please leave a comment and say hello, and leave an email address where I can reach you if you’ve won – I will send these little goodies out internationally.
I will randomly draw a winner on Friday 26th July.

Thank you!

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6 Responses to Giving

  1. Roberta says:

    I so enjoy seeing your creative endeavors..

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  3. Renee says:

    what lovely goodies! i hope you’re feeling much better.

  4. Thanks to all family and friends who have supported me in this!
    You guys are great!
    The little parcel of goodies is off to Hilltop.. 🙂

  5. I am admiring your work, especially your photos. You have a beautiful blog.

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