• Our littlest guy wants to be up and about, cruising from chair to sofa to coffee table, once around the table and back to the sofa.. so he got his first pair of shoes.
    Size: 2 ½, sigh.
  • Row by row, a sewing project finished.
  • Row by row, a new knitting project on the needles.
  • A big batch of tomato & carrot soup (this recipe) bubbling away on the stove for tomorrow’s lunch.
  • It’s been warm, but mysterious rain seems to appear out of nowhere. Fingers crossed for this afternoon’s walk to the park.


Weekending with Amanda.

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4 Responses to Weekending

  1. jenmun says:

    oh so süße kleine beinchen:) und die suppe klingt lecker!
    liebe grüße;)

  2. the habit of being says:

    shoes already? sigh.

    and that soup! just saved the recipe, looks delish!

  3. karen says:

    love the shoes and those legs! how fast he went from infant to a mobile baby 🙂

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