Apologies to summer


It’s still August, and yet I’ve gone ahead and knitted a hat.
I feel a bit like I’ve cheated on summer by doing something so autumnal.
Sorry summer, I do love you. And I promise to soak up every last warm and sunny day you are still going to give us.
I am also looking forward to the first windy day.
(And to wearing this hat.)
It’s almost September, I’m surely allowed to think ahead..
I am thinking, this year I shall have a collection of hats.
Rather than one functional specimen as usual, I shall have a collection of fashion accessory hats.
I am thinking, I might still have to make this one. Maybe this one. Most definitely this one.

The one I made already: Star Crossed (free pattern), ravelry notes here.

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8 Responses to Apologies to summer

  1. Leah says:

    So pretty!! I agree..the first wisps of fall are so awesome!

  2. I love this hat, and the other’s too! There’s no rules about hat and summer I don’t think x

  3. karen says:

    I am all for a collection of hats, that gives me an excuse to knit some more as well. Your hat is lovely!!

  4. i would welcome a collection of hats. they’re ever so useful: keeping the head warm, covering up a bad hair day. i think you have a great idea!

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