Not a dress

So this… um… project ended up far from what I thought it would be.


I was going to knit a little baby dress, for my new niece who is going to be a winter baby.
Ok, I admit, I just grabbed some yarn I thought looked the right weight, and needles that were small. Hey, I was excited!


At some point I must have gotten everything the wrong way around and upside down, but that’s not a big problem. Only the opening appeared on the other side.


I also had an extra stitch marker and did some extra decreases in the front. Good initiative, right? And you could just think it was part of the design… I hope.


As I was joining for the body, I thought this thing looked awfully big. Also, I was not at all sure about how far my leftover yarn would really take me.


So yes, it ended up a vest. And yes, it’s more of a 12 months size than a newborn.
So I packed away the pretty girly buttons and put on some manly ones. Our baby can warm this little vest up until it fits the original recipient in 18 months or so…


Ravelry notes here.

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3 Responses to Not a dress

  1. Erin says:

    My Kate has finally grown out of the one I made her years ago. This turned out lovely, despite the frustrations. Great knitting, friend!

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