Making & Listening

IMG_0045* Making: Kaya made this cotton bag for friends last week. We used freezer paper, just like I did for the bags I made for the shop. He drew the butterfly design and painted it, all I did was cut it out and iron it on the bag. I love it, I think we might have to make another one for us. This would make a great present too, everyone needs a cotton bag, right?

* Listening: We’ve been listening to a lot of music recently, radio and CDs randomly pulled from the shelf. Mostly because the baby has started dancing, and it’s too sweet and hilarious not to watch him bouncing up and down for as much of his waking hours as we possibly can!


Joining Dawn at Simple Things Notebook.
* She has some great ideas for handmade gifts on her blog today!

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4 Responses to Making & Listening

  1. Socrates says:

    Wonderful! But what is “freezer paper” that it adheres so well to the cotton bag?

    • Hi! Originally the paper is used for storing frozen food, but the treated, waxy side can be ironed to stick to fabric; great for stencilling – and it peels off easily when the paint is dry. Slightly addictive though πŸ™‚

  2. Dawn Suzette says:

    This is such a great bag! Love the design and colors!
    Sorry late in visiting here… we were out of town and just getting life back together a bit! πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for sharing!

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