IMG_0262There have been some mad weeks this year, but this past week was exhausting.
Everything done and gotten over with, I flopped down on the sofa on Saturday. Stories were read (both of the children’s and adult variety), pictures drawn, stationery shops opened from our coffee table.
I ignored the leftovers of the to do list – even my mobile seems to have taken a sabbatical, so it was blessedly quiet.

Weekending with Amanda.

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7 Responses to Weekending

  1. lucindalines says:

    Love the picture, and I know that feeling of finally getting everything finished, except those last items that will have to wait for the next to do list. Cheers!

  2. heathermama says:

    dang, you need more than a weekend break it sounds like.

  3. the habit of being says:

    sounds like a break was much needed!

  4. Erin says:

    sounds splendid! Blessings on a slower week this time around!

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