Handmade Gift Ideas

IMG_0126So, the other day I saw the first Christmas chocolates in the shops.. Sorry to mention the C-word! I have my rules about decorations and music (we start on the first Advent Sunday, or December 1st, whichever is first), and our tree doesn’t go up until just before Christmas Eve.
But if you’re planning to give something handmade, a little early planning won’t go amiss.
So this last weekend, I’ve planned and plotted, made lists and gathered ideas.

I thought I’d share some with you, in case you too would like to start making and need a few ideas yourself. (If you are expecting a surprise from us, don’t pay too much attention!)

Of course there are some knitted gifts on my list. Not too many – one has to be sure the recipient is appreciative of handknits before embarking on a project like that! (My children are exceptions, they have handknits forced upon them, sorry guys.)
Ravelry is such an amazing resource of patterns and ideas, many of them free – if you like knitting and haven’t signed up yet, do it now!
My first knitted gift this year was a hat for a special little friend that hopped on and off the needles in a day.

There are some other lovely things to make with little people. I’m quite sure we are going to indulge in our freezer paper passion. Bags like these are great for littles to decorate, or we could make pillow cases, tea towels…
I was digging through cupboards the other day and found a blank board book, that Kaya immediately took charge of. His little drawings are melting my heart, and will make such a sweet picture book for his little brother.

Which brings us seamlessly to presents for little people.
Kaya has requested one or two or all of these little darling owls. I’m thinking that they would fit wonderfully into our advent calendar – or into stockings, if you do stockings!
There are so many sweet little things that take nothing but a little felt and.. a tin perhaps. I mean, look at these mice! I need more children to make presents for.

For more grown-up friends and family, I am sure there will be some presents of the foodie variety, made closer to the time.
There are also lovely ideas out there to decorate plates and cups with a porcelain pen, a bit like this wedding present we made for a friend last year.
I find my teenage nieces the hardest people to make for, so usually I buy. But I think homemade lip balm might actually be something they’d like!
Also, if like me you like  bit of sewing, you might be tempted by these sweet potholders – I definitely am.

If you’d like a bit more of a visual inspiration, all of these links are on my giving pinterest board. If you tried any of the ones that I haven’t yet, let me know what you thought! Or if you have any other gift ideas, please share in the comments!

Happy Making!

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6 Responses to Handmade Gift Ideas

  1. Katie says:

    You’re so good to be thinking ahead already. I’m still in the “I know I should start thinking about that” stage.

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  3. Renee says:

    Gosh – SO much goodness here! Thank you for sharing. Those Ravelry owls are cute and thanks for leading me to some new and fab blog finds 🙂 And I just followed you on Pinterest 🙂

  4. Alynia says:

    I’m thinking ahead for St. Nicholas’ Eve too – which is a rather Dutch tradition, and in our family we stick to giving presents then, instead of letting his rip-off (which Santa is, Santaclaus comes from Sinterklaas = St. Nicholas) take over with Christmas 😉 I refuse to buy either Sinterklaas- or Christmas-decorations either too soon though. Sinterklaas-decorations and candy was in stores in August here, I won’t buy it before it’s November. The Christmas-stuff only passes my front door after we celebrated Sinterklaas on December 5th, mostly about half a week or a week after the first Advent Sunday. It’s soon enough then. 🙂

    • August! Goodness me.. I agree; having decorations up too early takes away from the special advent time for me.
      We put our boots out for St Nicholas too, but we only get nuts and fruit, and maybe a little chocolate or a small treat! 🙂

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