Making & Listening

IMG_0041 IMG_0102 IMG_0121

IMG_0316I’ve been making some birthday crowns – one for a special little friend of mine, one for my baby’s first birthday that’s coming up!
Our felt scrap box is always popular with the boys. Kaya has decided he wants to make a pillow. It was going to be a present for a friend, but currently he thinks he’ll keep it for himself. Fair enough, with all that hard stitching work!
I just sold out of birthday crowns in the shop as well, so I might just carry on a little more, playing with felt..

We’re listening to a little boy babbling away, it’s the best.
To entertain us while we cook, there has been some radio music in the kitchen – but sometimes just having a bit of quiet is rather nice too!
Speaking of the kitchen: Last weekend, we made Michaelmas dragon bread. This is a little one we made to share with friends; the other one got eaten into before I managed to take a picture!

20130929_150044* Making and Listening Along with Dawn.

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2 Responses to Making & Listening

  1. misslish206 says:

    Those crowns are so adorable! Great way to use up the felt that always ends up in the crafty statsh

  2. Dawn Suzette says:

    That crown is sweet! I understand the making with intentions then, deciding to keep. That happens often with my boy 🙂
    The bread looks so yummy. What a wonderful thing to share with friends!
    Thanks for sharing!

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