In the kitchen

IMG_0406 IMG_0431 IMG_0419 IMG_0427IMG_0565I seem to be going through phases of smoothie-making. When most of us were poorly recently, and lived on bouillon and tea for a week, we had a lot of fruit left over that was past its best: smoothie time.
The contents of our fruit bowl inspired some new smoothie flavours. I hadn’t thought to put clementines in before, but why not. I even managed to sneak in an avocado without anyone noticing or complaining!
There also was lots of bread, and I’ve always wanted to try bread and butter pudding. Such a traditionally British dish, I’ve never tasted it, and always had a strange interest – I mean, a dish of soggy bread? Hmmm..
I used this recipe (with milk instead of cream, and minus the nutmeg) and it turned out surprisingly popular.
Not at all popular were a batch of cheese scones with olives. I made them for the men because they all love olives so, but they were less than impressed.
Oh well, onwards and upwards.

What’s been happening in your kitchen these days?



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4 Responses to In the kitchen

  1. Renee says:

    we have smoothies lots around here too 🙂 yum! i am so sorry to hear about the cheese scones with olives. i guess we can’t win them all, eh?

    hope you are all keeping happy and well 🙂


  2. Katie says:

    Always love to hear about your baking. We’ve all been itching to get back to the oven now that our weather is finally cooling off a bit. The kids keep asking to make cookies and I’ve been thinking a lot about homemade granola. Maybe you’ve finally inspired me to play at fall, even though the weather is only halfway there.

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