Making & Listening

IMG_0001 IMG_0004IMG_0003*Making:
As I mentioned before, Kaya has been busy making a board book as a present for his brother’s first birthday (tomorrow!).

A banana (Batu’s favourite food), grass, paw prints, a whale, a tree, rain… there are also drawings of a ball, a boat, a car… and a very sweet portrait of the two brothers holding hands on the front cover. All totally melting my heart. Kaya has instructed me to write “Only for babies who are turning 1” on the back.
I think this is going to be the best present.

I am planning to add the words to the picture pages with Dry Transfer letters. Unfortunately they only had a fancy old fashioned font in our local shop today, so I’m hoping the Mr managed to pick some up on the way home. Nothing like a little last minute present finishing!
We used this blank board book and Kaya’s felt tip pens.

I feel a bit lazy now, just having made a hat for the little man, back in September


I just pulled out my ipod with the “Hello, baby” playlist I was listening to this time last year. Bit emotional, the whole thing…



Joining Dawn at Simple Things Notebook.

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One Response to Making & Listening

  1. Dawn Suzette says:

    That is the sweetest book ever!
    And, “Only for babies who are turning 1″, melt!
    Thanks for sharing!
    The happiest of birthday wishes to your little man!

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