In the kitchen

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In the kitchen, nothing of my doing this week. It’s all about trying to find space for the half a suitcase worth’s of food we brought back from Turkey.
I am very grateful to my mother-in-law for looking after us so well, even as we are home now. Otherwise it might be a bit too much of a withdrawal for me. The food in Turkey is so delicious, and this time we only spent one week there – meaning I had to eat about twice as much as usual just to make the most of it.
So here we have baklava, bibleri ekmek (a flat bread topped with pepper puree, sesame seeds and herbs), this, and börek. The baklava is disappearing at an alarming rate, oh my.
It’s safe to say there isn’t too much savoury on my plate these days.
Especially since the postie also brought a parcel from Germany today, with one of my dad’s homemade Stollen cakes. Yum!


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6 Responses to In the kitchen

  1. Roberta says:

    Looks like you are eating quite well in your home.. (:

  2. Well, I can’t complain 😉

  3. Dawn Almasi says:

    Wow even your photo’s of food are good, is there no end to your talents? How are you all doing? We are all well and working hard. Can’t believe Zsofi will be 5 soon. Where has all the time gone. I’m back in the pottery but working freelance for Ruskin mill. It’s going very well so far and it’s exciting to see how it grows in the future. Love to all and I hope we get a chance to see you all in the new year if not before.

  4. Potikare says:

    Hello Svenna, I’ve discovered your blog lately. I am a Turkish fiber addict living in Alsace for 2 months now, so it feels very familiar when I read your posts 🙂
    Oh and that baklava, full of pistachios, looks heavenly…afiyet olsun!

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