IMG_0040Last week, our Nature Exchange box arrived. The postman brought it in the morning, and I had to wait until Kaya came home in the afternoon before opening it, that was he hard bit. There was a lovely letter and so many little parcels, some containing things we have here too, and some unfamiliar ones. It felt like Christmas came early! Thank you so much to Mud Puddles to Meteors for organising this.

I still owe some cards and letters from weeks ago, so a little family letter writing session is in order today. That made me think of Christmas cards! In Germany you send cards to arrive at Christmas, but here in England of course it’s a sport enjoyed all through advent. I usually make a batch of cards one way or another, but this year I am not very organised in this department.
We had a little Christmas themed painting session the other day (sparked by Kaya who woke me up one morning with a very elaborate drawing of Father Christmas! Guess who’s getting into the spirit..), and I would like to maybe use some of the results on cards…. Hmmm.
Do you make your own Christmas cards? Do share, I’m always up for new inspiration!

Oh, and one more thing on the subject of posting: I won’t be doing any Christmas markets this year, so all orders please through the shop (give me a shout if you are looking for something specific).
Last order dates for Christmas delivery:
UK: 17th December
Western Europe: 12th December
USA: 11th December
(if you live elsewhere just send me a quick message – there are a hundred different dates on the post office information leaflet!)

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2 Responses to Posting

  1. Katie says:

    Love the little felted things – are those strange acorn tops? We don’t have acorns like that here in Pennsylvania.

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