One list, two lists

IMG_0133Today was a day for list writing. How I love the reassuring nature of lists.

The ever evolving Christmas present list has been written and re-written many times already. Somehow I feel like I am on top of things, as long as my list looks neat.

Today it was time for the ‘to prepare for advent’ list. Most importantly, prepare the advent calendar (I shared a bit about what we put in ours in this post from 2011). I still have to figure out this year’s calendar logistics. Last year the baby was still so tiny, but this year the boys will share. Take turns in opening the bags, share the treats?

Then there are the lists ‘to make’ and ‘to knit’, both for presents and for shop orders. My goal is to buy everything that needs to be bought for presents by the end of this week, so December is for making things (and eating biscuits and singing) and we can avoid the shops as much as possible.

Kaya is most excited about the ‘to bake’ list which we compiled from his instructions, after perusing Christmas biscuit recipes. I have a little recipe booklet I got from a magazine about five years ago, that contains all our favourite go-to recipes, and some fancy ones that are very suitable for gifting as well.
With that list came of course also the shopping list. That we will tackle tomorrow.

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3 Responses to One list, two lists

  1. Katie says:

    I am a big list maker also – already have my “Xmas To Make List” started with a couple quick ideas scratched on it. Next weekend there are lots of Christmas shop events and craft fairs in my town, so I will have to have my “to make” list ready so that I don’t buy more than I need. Or I will get some inspiration at the fairs for things that I can make myself.

  2. i love making lists and most especially, i love marking things off lists πŸ˜‰

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