Deck the Halls…

IMG_0161 IMG_0163 IMG_0169 IMG_0094We’ve been smoothing out the creases in the window stars, trying to revive hardened blu tack, looking for those little snowmen that I am sure were in exactly that bag last year…  The advent calendar has been filled, three trays of biscuits baked and two and a half trays worth of biscuits have been eaten.
One candle lit every day. Every day, questions answered on when exactly the next one will finally be lit, when oh when.
I have moved my lists from random pieces of paper and notebooks to a notepad.
I need to be able to rip pages off, not just cross things out. Every morning begins with coffee, and the organisation in my head, trying to gauge what I might get done today. Nothing worse than an insurmountable to-do list.
Christmas carols are ringing in my head and I’m loving it. Evenings spent quietly elving away, making Christmas presents for me to give, and other people’s too. Click clack go the needles, a stitch here and there.
What’s still missing is fairy lights. Don’t you love fairy lights? I have an ancient one that is still looking for a home in this our new-ish home(and probably an extension lead). That’s certainly no.1 on tomorrow’s list.
It’s not always easy to conserve the magic amidst the madness of these early days of advent, but I am sure to try my very best.

Happy Advent to you!



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7 Responses to Deck the Halls…

  1. That’s great! Fairy lights is a must! 🙂 Have fun with that tomorrow!

  2. Katie says:

    i like your hanging Advent bags – I wonder for families with more than one child – is there more than one gift inside or do you rotate days? This year it is really just my husband and I (its hard to find a safe little item for a 14 month old!) She doesn’t need any candy (we don’t either but we enjoy it)!

    • Hi Katie – we have two boys, although the little one is too small to know what’s happening yet. Still, when there are treats in the bags they are meant to be shared – if they are very tiny I put two. But there are also a few activity ‘vouchers’ in there that are good to do together: baking, carol singing, Christmas tree picking….

  3. Those cookies look amazing! Fairy lights sound lovely.

  4. Laura says:

    I love your Advent calendar! And Christmas atmosphere in general. Looks so beautiful!!

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