Stitched and Purled

IMG_0163I just realised how long it’s been since I shared the latest makings for the Etsy shop – so long in fact, that most of these gnomes have sold already, but remember I am always happy to discuss custom orders.IMG_0076IMG_0141IMG_0046 IMG_0091 IMG_0105 IMG_0140

Do you remember this little work-in-progress from a recent Yarn Along post? I made two little hats for a custom order, a third one is still available.


My mum sent in a few things too, my favourite stripey hat and fingerless gloves! One of those things that will be hard for me to let go.
I also made a few pairs of longer arm warmers as shown below that were very popular, I am working on another two pairs now!

IMG_0010 IMG_0020_2 IMG_0071And I shall leave you with a little festive decoration….


p.s. If you want to keep up to date with shop listings, you can follow the shop on Etsy, or the Facebook site, where I do my best to share new items as they come up! x



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3 Responses to Stitched and Purled

  1. Katie says:

    I like the hat with the rainbow striping – very cute!

  2. Hey Svenna,
    wie geht es Dir? Hier ist heute der erste Schnee gefallen und es ist Nikolaus!
    Welch tolle Überraschung heute morgen. Toll!
    Du Svenna, ich hab bei Etsy Deinen Engel gesehen.
    Der sieht sehr schön aus und ich wollte Dich schnell fragen,
    ob der noch zu haben ist?!
    Wenn Du magst, meld Dich doch bei mir.
    Liebe Grüße

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