Without giving too much away (hopefully), here is a little bit of the elving that’s been going on here.. (you might want to skip this post if you’re immediate family)

IMG_0192 IMG_0012 IMG_0112_2 IMG_0115 IMG_0124IMG_0141 IMG_0148 IMG_0165Some inspiration was gathered on the giving board on pinterest. I saw the idea to use a photo on the gift wrapping there too, which was especially nice for the little guy to add.

Lip balm making was good fun and mostly child-friendly too (lots of little labels to be created, I’m lucky I got a few in that actually say what’s inside!).
We got our organic supplies from here.
Paired with little zippy pouches and some small treats, two of them will be on their way to my teenage nieces.

And if you’d still like me to elve you something (or is it ‘elf’? I’m not entirely sure that really is a verb, but I think just for this season it should be): this is my last week of fulfilling Stitch & Purl custom gnome orders before Christmas.
There are only two gnomes left to be ordered – let me know if you want me to make you a specific one, or they will be up in the shop soon as inspiration strikes.
I’m also planning some mini ones with a little bit of a difference…


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2 Responses to Elving

  1. Katie says:

    What a great idea – a homemade mini purse and homemade lip balm! I’m sure your nieces will be thrilled – I would be! Love the bird print fabric.

  2. love the zippy pouches and lip balm!!!

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