Yarn Along

20131209_164545What a better Yarn Along moment than knitting in the library?
In the spirit of saying yes more, we headed off the other day, after my little guy asked if we could go. Even though it was quite late in the afternoon, and dark, and even colder than it had been.
What a good choice that was.
It was almost empty – and warm. We read a few stories, stocked up on Christmas books, the boys did some colouring, playing and reading, and I got my knitting out. We stayed until closing time and walked home happy , bags filled with more books and colouring pages, through the lit town.
I definitely know where to go if I struggle to finish my gift knitting in the next few days!

20131209_163424 20131209_163025

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22 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Katie says:

    Your library looks like a wonderful spot for hanging out – not just running in, grabbing some books, and going.

  2. lucindalines says:

    Reminds me of the Jamestown library when me children were young. It is so nice when a city understands the importance of a library and supports its cause.

  3. *kate says:

    Your library is beautiful! I miss our old library, it was like that and a great place to play (and easy to get to.) Would you believe I could only find 1 Christmas book at our library when we were there last week?!? (We are members of one of the smallest branches in the system so there is a very limited selection in the library.) It’s a good thing we have a ton of Christmas books at home.

  4. I need to get to the library more!

  5. Leslie says:

    What a great idea! Alas, no littlies to take to the library for entertainment. I guess I’ll just have to go by myself, that really shouldn’t be hard.

  6. Deborah says:

    You had a wonderful idea. I have great memories of spending time at the library with my children and then my grandchildren.

  7. Marmepurl says:

    Real books in a real library. Wonderful!

  8. jolan66 says:

    What a lovely place your library is! And your blog too, by the way 🙂 Goodl luck with the gift-knitting!

  9. Emma says:

    We’ve gotten into the habit of going to the library on wednesdays and I always take a project with me too!
    Love the little reading cubby.

  10. Kelly J. R. says:

    I love that little reading nook. Our library is very tiny (about the size of our house) but, nonetheless, I love it and am so grateful that our little town even has a library!

  11. We love our local library too and visit every week 🙂 it is a a great place to knit too!

    • Svenna says:

      We used to go regularly, now I mostly go to a singing group there with the baby. But with a whole bunch of babies around there’s not much knitting happening.. 🙂

  12. A good library is such a blessing for the whole region it serves…the one I had in Alexandria was probably the best I’ve seen (the city name being what it is, it’s no surprise the library was a point of pride!), but the one I have now and the ones I sought out in my younger days are all great too. It’s just so important…

    • Svenna says:

      I absolutely agree. Where we lived before the library was tiny, but they had a very good ordering system so we could still get our hands on all sorts of books. 🙂

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