Christmas wishes

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We made our first gingerbread house from scratch. I’d like to say it was so much easier than expected, except that the rear wall broke during the roof construction and rendered the whole building structurally unsound.
So when everyone was in bed, I baked a new one. (Rear panel that is, not a whole new house!) Luckily, gingerbread is easy to make (and doesn’t require a hand mixer, which is a great plus, if, like me, you have a child who breaks out in tears when you take the mixer out of the cupboard). I used the recipe and templates from here.

Except for some biscuits (and Mama’s secret emergency chocolate) we don’t usually have sweets in the house, so going sweets shopping for decorations must have been the best part for Kaya. And of course the sampling. That, and smashing up boiled sweets with mortar and pestle for the stained glass windows. Little boy heaven.

I had lots of leftover gingerbread dough so we used our cookie cutters to make gingerbread biscuits. A lot of them.
We gave one to the postman, and will give some to the neighbours tomorrow, with wishes for a happy Christmas.

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There is still a bit of elving going on in these last days before Christmas. I am embroidering a car Kaya drew on fabric as a present for his little brother, that will become a stuffed toy or a little pillow, while he is painting a picture frame to give to his friend with a photograph of them together.
Christmas hat production was halted when I ran out of yarn this weekend, but we re-stocked this morning. Thank goodness chunky yarn gifts can be left to the last minute without too much sweating.



I will be off to do some more stitching, and then enter into the festivities, food and family time. There is a tree to be decorated, presents to be wrapped.
Our Christmas is a fusion of German and Camphill traditions, so I’ll sign off for a few days.
Whether you are celebrating tomorrow or on the 25th, or not at all, let me wish you and yours peaceful and light filled days of joy.



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4 Responses to Christmas wishes

  1. Katie says:

    What a good Mom – staying up late to bake a new roof! Interesting that your child doesn’t like the mixer. Loud noises don’t phase my daughter at all – the vacuum, Vitamix, the cacophony of 6 dogs barking, nothing phases her; she actually seems to like them. When I was pregnant, the midwife told me that the baby gets used to her surroundings while in the womb, so with this many animals in the house and vacuuming multiple times a week, my daughter is pretty sound proof now! Love the sweet potato window idea, but way too much work for me. And embroidering your child’s handiwork and turning it into a toy is such a cute idea!

  2. karen says:

    Merry christmas!!! The gingerbread house is beautiful and I’ve never made from scratch. There is too much sugar in this particular house and I’m looking forward to it being all gone!

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