IMG_0137 IMG_0158 IMG_0165 IMG_0176IMG_0183 IMG_0006A little mid-holiday hello.
I hope you are all enjoying the time ‘between the years’, after the business of the Christmas days.
Our days have been full, and now, while there is a lot of time and space with not much planned, the days still are oh so full.
There are new presents to try out, leftovers to eat (we are still nibbling away on our gingerbread house, although it did collapse the other night and now the final pieces reside in the biscuit tin), no-deadline knitting to enjoy.
I gave the husband a Curry spice subscription for Christmas, and tonight will be a Biryani with Tomato Chutney and Mint Raita night (not sure what it all is yet, but the spices are smelling delicious!).
I’ve missed the fact that it’s weekend, thus is the blissful lack of organisation these days.
We don’t have any snow, but it’s cold and icy, so sending you wintry greetings, and, since it is weekend after all, joining Amanda.


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8 Responses to Weekending

  1. I love your biscuits, look very similar to the ones I have made and (unfortunately 😉 ) mainly given away. I am guessing they are German “souvenirs”?

  2. Katie says:

    I love Raita! My husband and I rarely get take-out, but when we do, Indian is our first pick! Love the picture of that little hand reaching up for some cookies!

  3. brittansalisbury says:

    I’m enjoying these peaceful days before the new year as well! I love the look of Christmas at your house! Very lovely!

  4. karen says:

    love between the years – it’s exactly has how I feel about it. Glad you are enjoying the family and being all together 🙂

  5. oh yes, these last days of christmas have been blissful. our days sound much like yours only with thai food rather than curry. such pretty beads in that last photo!

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