Goodbye, Hello

IMG_0020 IMG_0034 IMG_0043 IMG_0026 IMG_0052This last day of the year is passing so quickly.
I had an early celebration with my little boys. Sailing walnut boats and eating paninis. We made this dessert; a kid version with hot chocolate instead of coffee and baileys (the grown-up half is waiting in the fridge for the Mr to come home from work).
We drank hot chocolate too, with a heap of mini marshmallows, because it’s a special day. And I did some secret birthday knitting, except I don’t really need to make it secret because nobody is ever really paying attention to what I have on the needles!
New year means new stationery (did I ever mention how much I love stationery?). I found this in the sale at our local bookshop, and am probably a bit more excited about it than one should be about a new diary.
Of course you can’t break in a new diary with an old pen (unless you have a special favourite pen. I always have a special favourite pen that I always lose. So I keep buying the same pen. Often).
My sense of time always gets a bit wobbly when I think about it too hard, so I like to remind myself of all that happened in the old year with the help of my calendars. Tonight, the new pen was also poised to look back and look ahead with Susannah’s workbook, when other things happened: the Baby waking up, skype calling….
So I’m guessing I might be looking back and ahead tomorrow instead. That still counts, right? Flexibility might be my new word of the year.

But first it is time for being together and enjoying the last hours of 2013.
Wishing you all a good new beginning, may delightful things happen to you in 2014.

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13 Responses to Goodbye, Hello

  1. Renee says:

    Have a beautiful 2014, Svenna! All bright and beautiful wishes for you and your family! xxx

  2. all those colorful moleskines! so much possibility!

  3. damnvan1 says:

    Omg I thought it was only me and stationery👍

  4. Katie says:

    Dessert looks delicious!

  5. karen says:

    Your talking about my loves, pens and paper, new journals and writing!! Happy new year!!

  6. meghann says:

    I share your love of stationery; I love your new diary (diaries?). Flexibility is a good word, I think. All good things to you in this new year. xo

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