IMG_0013This past weekend was full of catching up and organising.
After lots of reasons to celebrate and not much else to do, it was time to prepare for real life again.
We took the Christmas tree and decorations down (sad, sad) and restored some sort of normality in our home. I did some book keeping, we made a trip to the recycling centre. We replaced the bathroom bin that the baby managed to completely take apart. The new one looks the same, only much smaller, so now I always have the strange feeling someone shrank our bin when I go into the bathroom.

Today, Monday had us back, alarm clocks and all. I’m not sure I was quite ready.
Nevertheless, I’m feeling a little more organised, with less pre-Christmas things left on the to-do list. A few more new ideas, new things to do. Missing the dreamy holiday days a little. But alas, time for new adventures.

A happy January Monday to you all, I hope this week will bring good things your way!

Weekending (better late than never) with Amanda.


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4 Responses to Weekending

  1. what a beautiful notebook!

  2. karen says:

    Putting away the decorations makes my house look huge, and I love that. Great new book 🙂

  3. Katie says:

    Yes, my husband had to be back to work at the regular time today, so just me and the babe doing our usual – dog walking, cleaning, cooking. They took the tree from the curb today and put the Christmas decorations away yesterday. Will keep up the seasonal snowflakes, wood ornaments and orange garland for a while though.

  4. cricketfox says:

    Hey Amanda, Hope you had a good holidays. I am trying to get back to writing and being better organized. Lots to work on and some new projects I want to try

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