Christmas Knitting Roundup

All that secret knitting over the past few months has been received by their respective recipients, so I thought I might share now what I’ve kept under wraps before:

This scarf was for my mum, using one skein of Rowan Kidsilk Haze (left from a failed Christmas present attempt last year, when I eventually gave up and knitted something chunky instead!):

IMG_0032For my sister I really wanted to knit a shawl, but I ran out of time, so this Baktus scarf it was, using some Noro yarn with lovely colour changes, and my favourite sock weight yarn, Lana Grossa Meilenweit Soja.


I also knitted lots of hats. Some of which hopped on and off the needles and were wrapped up and sent off without having their picture taken, but here is one Quynn hat, made for a little friend of mine:


And then I used this pattern as a vague guide for a pile of family hats. My dad got one, too. And I liked the kids’ ones so much, using dark grey with colourful stripes, that I used the leftover to make one for myself after Christmas.


Not knitted, but a sweet little gift: Kaya wanted to make a pillow for his little brother, so I let him draw straight onto the fabric and I then embroidered his car picture.

IMG_0178And finally, not a Christmas present, but knitted over the holidays: A stripey Milo vest.

IMG_0030At the moment I am working on two little bunnies that I am hoping to finish for Kaya’s birthday this week. Two more sleeps, three more legs, four more arms to go. Plus sewing up and stuffing… and bunny shorts and bunny jumpers, if we are lucky.
Hopefully I’ll be able to show you a little preview at tomorrow’s Yarn Along.



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6 Responses to Christmas Knitting Roundup

  1. MidKnit Owl says:

    That cushion is gorgeous! What a lovely idea for kids (and grownups too!) 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    What an accomplished knitter you are! That first scarf is just beautiful, so delicate. Love the chunky hats and the adorable sweater vest. My little babe was given one like that when she was first born and I wish she had one to wear this winter. The pillow idea is so cute; I have seen that on some other blogs this year and it is such a great idea for a sibling gift.

  3. *kate says:

    Oh my, that pillow is the sweetest! What a wonderful gift from a big brother.

  4. lvaletutto says:

    I love the car pillow! Great idea!

  5. Liebe Svenna, ich habe deinen Blog vor einer Weile über Yarn Along gefunden und verfolge ihn seitdem sehr gerne.
    Lange bin ich um das Muster der Quynn geschlichen. Die Mütze sieht einfach klasse aus. Ich stricke noch nicht so lange und die englische Anleitung hat mich abgeschreckt. Jetzt habe ich sie mir endlich doch gekauft und siehe da – ich verstehe tatsächlich einiges nicht. Könntest du mir eventuell helfen?
    Schwierigkeiten habe ich mit den Akürzungen ssk, kbf unf kfb. Übersetzen kann ich das zwar, aber ich verstehe es nicht. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du mir eventuell eine kleine Erklärung per Email schicken könntest an Meeresrauschen_Blog[at}
    vielen lieben Dank und viele Grüße,

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