Making & Listening

There’s been some gift making and birthday baking this week.
Our big boy turned five today. Five!

For his school friends we made an army of little cupcakes – Kaya chose gold and silver cupcake cases, golden pearls and hundreds and thousands for decoration. For his birthday cake he requested a chocolate cake and I happily obliged using this recipe (in German) that turned out rather delicious.

Yesterday was also the birthday of one of Kaya’s friends. He’s a dinosaur lover, and after a lot of research into dinosaur toys, we decided instead to buy a plain zip hoodie and get out the freezer paper and fabric paints.


I managed to finish the bunnies in time for the birthday in a late night knitting session, but they are still waiting for their woolly jumpers and shorts to keep them warm this January. I will share pictures once they are decent!
I always find it hard to predict which present will be the one that sticks – and I am so pleased that the late hours knitting have paid off, and my (anything-wool-disliking) boy has taken his little bunny to his heart.
“Little rabbit” has joined him everywhere today, and we started reading The Velveteen Rabbit in the hope of finding out how he might become real.


*I made the little cake bunting by cutting out tiny rainbow coloured flags from a catalogue cover and sewing them together with the machine. I sellotaped the threads on either end onto cocktail skewers.
Sweet and simple, and afterwards a lovely decoration in your kitchen plant pot!
Idea from here.

Oh, and listening: Well, after weeks and weeks of an unusual abundance of music playing in our house (Christmas music, that is), I am rather cherishing a bit of quiet.
That, and a bit of Sting to help me cook dinner.

Making & Listening Along with Dawn.

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5 Responses to Making & Listening

  1. Love the teeny bunting 🙂 5 ! Amazing

  2. Katie says:

    The hand painted hoodie is such a lovely idea; its great that you are teaching your children to be creative instead of just giving a store bought gift. Love the cake bunting – I made one for my daughter’s first birthday. I used felt, wrote her name on the flags with marker, and secured the string to chopsticks with packing tape – anything that miniature is adorable!

  3. *kate says:

    The bunting is so clever! I’m saving that idea for my Big guy’s birthday next month. 🙂 Can’t wait to see those bunnies!

  4. Dawn Suzette says:

    What a wonderful birthday gift. Such a great idea.
    That cake is adorable. Hope he had a wonderful day.
    I love the velveteen rabbit. Such a great story & how wonderful that he has a bunny to carry along with him.
    Thanks for joining in.. sorry I am so late in checking in!

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