Weekending and a Monday

20140113_085612This weekend was a late morning and long breakfast seamlessly turning into lunch. Visiting family friends. The best game, involving plastic pipes and a couple of marbles. Staying up late with my love. A Sunday with just me and the littles. A walk through the town at dawn, torch in hand. Warm baths after the biting cold. The last of the birthday cake.
We made the most of the weekend, but Monday morning came too early and nobody really wanted to get out of bed today. But alas, it is Monday and there are things to be done on a Monday. We were rewarded with the sun peeking over the rooftops, blue skies, and a magical mist on the fields.

I hope this week will be a happy one for you.
(Weekending with Amanda.)

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3 Responses to Weekending and a Monday

  1. Katie says:

    A beautiful morning to start your week.

  2. Linne says:

    A perfect weekend! and I loved that photo of the sunrise . . . ~ Linne

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