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* planning a little bit of sewing for the Kids Clothes Week challenge.
Goal: one pair of trousers for the youngest man (I bought the fabric for it before he was born – I hope I bought enough for a toddler size).

* a much bigger bit of sewing in progress.

* In the (rather more distant) future, the big boy is going to need a bigger quilt. (He is still using his cot bed duvet and quilt.)

* I started this Mystery Knit-Along the other day. It’s going to be shawl. But what will it look like?
(For the yarn I used a gift voucher from Black Sheep Wools that I won in their Creative Christmas competition with one of my gnomes!)

* All the yarn for this cardigan (in grey and pink/purple) has been sitting in my yarn box for a while now. Slowly considering thinking about casting on.

* Helva, and a Semolina cake (recipe in this precious book: Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume) to use up that spare bag of semolina that turned up in the kitchen clear-out. And rice pudding with cinnamon and sugar. Looks like we’ll have a dessert for dinner or two!

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6 Responses to Making-Plans

  1. karen says:

    you won something? congratulations!! Love your creative photos of what’s in line for crafting.

  2. Katie says:

    Loving that cute looking corduroy fabric! Maybe for some adorable pants?

  3. sou enim says:

    Der Stoff ist wirklich süß und das passende Schnittmuster aus der ottobre hast du auch schon gefunden? Viel Erfolg!

    • Na ja, die gleiche Hose die ich schon zwei Mal fuer Kaya genaeht habe… playing it safe. 🙂 Aber heimlich gucke ich mir noch andere Muster an, falls ich doch schneller fertig werde 🙂

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