Clearing and Crafting News


I had a lovely surprise parcel from a dear friend over the weekend. Yarn! Fabric!
A good reason to move the clear-out focus to my workspace and material storage.
(I have moved on from the kitchen in the meantime, and no, I haven’t cleaned the oven yet. I managed to convince myself there was more pressing business in other rooms first!)

While I haven’t finished sorting out the desk quite yet, I did spend an afternoon and evening with the yarn stash. Now every ball of yarn has been photographed and catalogued in the Ravelry stash feature. And because I am suffering from a bout of startitis, I am beginning now to pair yarn in my stash with projects in my queue. That’s my kind of organising.

(By the way, the placement of holes in the strap is totally to blame for the fact that the box is not closing. With an extra hole in there it would close, I promise!)

In other news, I started making a few new fairies for the shop.
The guardian angel with the baby was a custom order, the rainbow and sunflower fairies (I needed a bit of colour and warmth in these gloomy days, don’t you?) are now available here and here.

IMG_0157 IMG_0093 IMG_0115I hope you all have a good week ahead!


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4 Responses to Clearing and Crafting News

  1. Katie says:

    Oh, the sunflower fairy is adorable – she brightened my day!

  2. Katie says:

    Love that rainbow fairy. And as for procrastinating about cleaning the oven…you just reminded me that I had it on my list this summer and couldn’t bring myself to heat up the kitchen then. Guess it should be back on my list now while it is cool out, huh?

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