Lions and Crocodiles

IMG_0069 IMG_0099 IMG_0213 IMG_0227Mission accomplished, trousers finished.

The pattern is one I made before (here and here), the Majava pants from Ottobre magazine 4/2010.

I bought the jungle print corduroy in Germany a while ago, as well as the green stripey jersey for the lining, and the ribbing for waist and leg cuffs.
The turquoise and grey I used for the knee and back panels were leftover from previous Majava incarnations.
Size: 86, perfect fit with some room to grow (plus, the leg cuffs fold down as well).

(I tried to bribe him with a cereal bar to stand still for a moment, but no such luck.)

*More about kids clothes week here.


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2 Responses to Lions and Crocodiles

  1. Katie says:

    These pants are awesome – what a fun print! And I totally love that you bribed him! 🙂 I had to bribe my dog to stand still for a picture the other week. My daughter is too young to appreciate bribes yet!

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