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This morning, as we left the house to go to a birthday party, there was blue sky. There even was birdsong. I remembered the feeling, that maybe, one day, spring will arrive.
But now, there is still an icy wind blowing and this evening everything is wet again, of course.
It is February today! Traditionally the month when the novelty of winter has worn off and I’ve had enough of the grey and the cold. But so far, so good.
I broke in book 2 of my diary today: bright red. Now people can stop wondering why I write my shopping lists into my passport (colour and size of the January diary were a bit suspicious like that).
There’s been a bit of knitting today, a bit of gnome stitching. There is chocolate brownie in the oven and I have a feeling it will go particularly well with that raspberry frozen yogurt in the freezer.
Tomorrow my plan is to keep my phone and the laptop switched off. (It feels a bit wrong that this should be unusual.)
There may be more cake, and definitely coffee. There will probably be a lot of puddle jumping and hopefully a bit of that blue sky again.

IMG_0039Weekending with Amanda. I hope yours is a happy one.

p.s. I am offering 10% off everything in the Stitch & Purl Etsy shop this weekend, including already reduced items in the sale section.
Just enter coupon code JANUARY10 at checkout (expires Monday 3/2/14).


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12 Responses to Weekending

  1. Katie says:

    I have been thinking about a techno free Sunday also – no TV is easy (don’t have it), but the computer is a tough one. Enjoy the brownies!

  2. I hope your day off from electronics and phone was a real treat… I love the little red outfit on that gnome!

  3. karen says:

    I try to turn off the internet but it’s voice calls me 🙂 Love your non passport notebook, hee hee!

  4. phoenixmaid says:

    Beautiful gnomes so cute. I hope you enjoyed your tech free day. I keep threatening the children with one.I will have to follow through with that threat once the weather improves.

  5. Katie says:

    I had a few months last year where I tried to keep the computer off at least until 10 in the morning (and that includes tablets and phones). So strange how difficult that was, but it felt good to give my attention to the life around me first thing every day. Now that I’m remembering it, maybe I should try it again. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. i hope you had a very productive and peaceful day without the phone or laptop!

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