Yarn Along

IMG_0165We went to the library yesterday, and I took the opportunity to print out the latest clue for my shawl knitting, our printer being on strike. I took my knitting because the library used to be a good place for that sort of thing.
But now.. now the baby is a confident explorer who likes to climb into book shelves and empty out all of the teenage fiction.

So instead of sitting and knitting, I was on my feet watching the little boy take in this whole new world (There’s more to the library than the toy corner? Whoaaa), in between answering calls for assistance from the big boy who was drawing a picture of the world’s fastest police car (Lamborghini Gallardo, in case you were wondering).

Knitting happens at nap times mostly, because lace charts require a bit of concentration, and also: if you are not carefully hiding your knitting, this happens:


Exploring, you see.
Oh, and reading? Hmmm… maybe next week.

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8 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh the library… it feels like ages since that was a relaxing excursion here too! I love the green of your yarn! It makes me think of the tiny shoots I am longing to see poke up out of the ground. Looks like spring. I hope your knitting wasn’t compromised by your explorer!

  2. What a big little man! I remember those days at the library…

  3. karen says:

    My daughter behaved well in a library and my son was always on the move!! Hope no stitches were dropped during I the exploration 🙂 lovely knitting btw.

  4. Katie says:

    Oh yes, I know exactly the feeling! Instead of knitting being a relaxing event for me, I am doing it furiously at nap time or after the babe is in bed at night, before she wakes up and requires me to be sleeping beside her. Gone are the days of sitting while she plays – she is so busy and interactive right now! Which is a good thing, but frustrating for momma’s trying to be crafty.

  5. ameyknits says:

    My 10 year old is car obsessed. So, I have to ask: is there a police force that actually uses the Gallardo, or was he drawing a Gallardo with a light on top to be used as a police car?
    I’ve been promised a Maserati when he makes it big.

    • Yes there is! I just checked for you; there are two in Rome. They each have a small fridge as well, to carry organs for transplant operations. 🙂
      (This is from a book about record breaking cars, it’s from 2010 so not sure how up to date this is!) 🙂
      And you’re very lucky, apparently I am only to get a VW..

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