Yesterday was full of errands, long outings, hot chocolate and cake in the cafe. So today started slow. The baby napping, we were busy with our respective projects: Perfecting headscarfs on gnome Mamas, and perfecting turtle drawing skills.
I had hoped to finish my shawl so I could give it a little steam blocking during my weekly ironing session tonight, but I always think I can get a lot more done than is actually possible. Tomorrow. Perhaps.
The Mr did the shopping yesterday and came home with all the wrong some things.
So we  popped out, armed with wellie boots and waterproofs and inspected the state of the flooded park on the way home.
Monday, Monday again tomorrow, and our little holiday break is over.
I hope the weekend treated you well, and you have good things ahead of you this coming week.

Weekending with Amanda.

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2 Responses to Weekending

  1. Katie says:

    I wish I could commiserate about the husband and shopping, but mine is actually really good and goes more frequently that I do. He started going when I was pregnant and has just continued, so I am quite spoiled. However, my mom can never send my dad because he gets distracted looking at other things and then comes home and complains about the prices!

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