IMG_0077 IMG_0125* Two beautiful postcards, won in a giveaway at JenMuna. They arrived with an extra treat of chocolate chai tea that I am looking forward to very much. These cards (and more gorgeous things) are also available in her shop.

* Yarn deliveries never fail to cheer up, and this is an especially gorgeous hand dyed skein from Devon Sun Yarns.
I made a pair of arm warmers for Daisy a few months ago from her own yarn (see below), and couldn’t resist asking her to dye me some like it. It just took me that long to decide on colours, finally achieved with the help of my fashion adviser husband. I can’t wait to cast on for my own pair.


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4 Responses to Arrivals

  1. love, love love the colours of the handwarmers…mmmm

  2. jenmuna says:

    Liebe Svenna, die Karten schauen so schön aus bei euch..und das Patschehändchen dazu!
    Danke auch fürs verlinken! Alles Liebe, Sarah

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