Old friends and new


This week I was busy making some favourite gnomes to replace ones that are popular at the moment – roses, daffodils, baby wearing Mamas – and a few new ones too.

So now there is a Shamrock Gnome ready for St. Patrick’s Day (or just for a spot of good luck if you need it), another little Toadstool (they’re just so cute) and a Spring Sun Gnome, because today we’re having the most beautiful warm and sunny day.

Clicking on the pictures will take you straight to the gnome’s shop page with more pictures and information, or click here for the Seasonal Celebrations section.
I hope you enjoy this little gnome parade!

P1000196P1000070 P1000167 P1000245 P1000330 P1000345 P1000361

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7 Responses to Old friends and new

  1. Donna says:

    They are just so adorable! I think I like the Spring Sun one the best 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    Svenna – you are a gnome making master! These are just so darn adorable! The magenta flowered one is beautiful, but the mother and babe is super sweet.

  3. karen says:

    so cute and spring like! Lovely 🙂

  4. karen sue says:

    These are wonderful!. We are having MORE SNOW, so I think that anything that looks like spring is necessary right away!!

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