We had grand plans for cupcake baking and park picnics this weekend, but a morning filled with grocery shopping and post office showed that I had somewhat overestimated my energy level after the week that was.
So we stayed close.
Chalk drawing in the yard – until the baby decided to climb into a recycling box full of rain water and I made him go inside to change. He would have carried on, too!
Indoor picnic instead of out, on a table cloth on the living room floor.
A pencil case rescued from behind a chest of drawers, and that long-lost library book finally found.
Tomorrow we might try again with that cupcake picnic, if the weather stays as bright as it was today. Or not. Sunday is nothing but wide open.

Weekending with Amanda.

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2 Responses to Weekending

  1. lvaletutto says:

    What a nice sounding day that was close to home. Anna and I love making picnics on a tablecloth on the floor in the living room too!

  2. Katie says:

    We had an unexpected weekend close to home, too. Plans to go camping, but one little one sick and rain falling ALL weekend. But really, the time at home was quite lovely.

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