Yarn Along

20140319_110311I didn’t knit anything since last week, until I picked up my needles yesterday to cast on a shawl. In the evenings I was too tired even to knit, and that is saying something.

This yarn is another lovely hand-dyed one by Devon Sun Yarns. It was meant to become a hat last autumn, but I never got round to it. Now I have, in the course of my big clear-out, eliminated pinks from my wardrobe (- I’m simplifying. Purple and blue had to go, too). So I started thinking about alternatives, and something to show off the lovely colours. So soft and squishy too. I think this one might end up in the shop when it’s finished!

When I didn’t knit I read, so I almost finished my book. I’m sure I would be finished already if some little people hadn’t found the new hobby of pulling out my bookmark all the time. I really want to know who’s done it now!

Yarning Along with Ginny at Small Things.  (I managed to get a picture in today but can’t link. Blogging on my phone is getting old very fast. We found a new recharger for our laptop second-hand, so fingers crossed it’ll arrive soon!)

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7 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Linne says:

    Gorgeous colours! The pattern looks interesting, too. ~ Linne

  2. Katie says:

    Great colors for Spring! A wonderful Easter shawl.

  3. *kate says:

    It looks beautiful! I love how light and bright it is.

  4. karen sue says:

    is this a pattern you are making up? really nice color…

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