All in one

badges3 shawl1 Mixed Gnome Collage

Hello lovely people, and so sorry for being so absent last week.
How many hours I’ve spend trying to do the things I normally do online on my phone. A good lesson in frustration tolerance and letting go.

We have a new recharger and all is back to normal now.
Well almost, because I’m having some trouble with uploading photos to the blog, so that’s why I’m springing a whole lot of fancy collages on you.
All in one, well, in three.

Because some making has happened that I wanted to share with you. There is a small edition of Naturescape Brooches (I’ve never been much of a brooch person myself. But I think I might just have converted myself.)
There is a lovely and soft merino March Shawlette, and of course some new gnomes. I went through a bit of a creature phase, so the shop is populated by a few tiny bunnies, foxes, mice and bees. (And the photos are where? On my phone. Pfff.)

I hope you had a good start to this new week. Happy Monday!

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8 Responses to All in one

  1. Katie says:

    Oh Svenna – your gnomes! The little babe on the back is too much! 🙂

  2. Linne says:

    I love all your work, but that shawl is gorgeous! The colours and the design, both. Love it! And the gnomes and brooches, too. It’s nice to see brooches coming back into style again. ~ Linne

  3. slpuckett says:

    Look how cute those brooches are! Love!

  4. damnvan1 says:

    Love the shawlette💃

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