Hand-Work Dolls


I don’t think I’ve shown you these little dolls yet. I learned how to make them during a workshop at the Handwork Conference I went to a few weeks ago.
It was a lovely process, really thinking about the little person we were making the doll for, hand stitching the pieces together and stuffing them with wool. We used the palm of our hands as a pattern for the doll’s body, our thumb for the head, a finger for the hat.
I made one doll during the workshop, and later finished the blue one at home. Now each of my boys have adopted one of them; they fit just as well into five year old hands as they do in one year old ones.
Now if only there were more hours in the day to make these little lovies for all the little people I know!


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3 Responses to Hand-Work Dolls

  1. CJ says:

    They’re lovely, no doubt they will be very popular. My gnome arrived today, she’s gorgeous, I just wanted to say a huge thank you. The details are fantastic, and she’s so beautifully made. Thank you! CJ xx

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