Come April

P1000301 P1000302 P1000304The wind around here has gone icy again. Days are grey and wet. March is coming to an end and I’m quite glad for it. There were good times, of course, always, but it’s been a long month. April sounds like spring to me, and I am ready for a bit of milder air and a bit of colour popping up outside. In April, I get my yellow Easter skirt out and iron it, because I always wear it this time of year. Little rituals.
The big boy decided to get up early one day last week and unpack all the Easter decorations. Some eggs were hung in rather precarious places and didn’t survive very long. Time for some new ones, I guess. Maybe, if we bring a bit more of spring out inside it’ll arrive soon.
I’ve been collecting images of spring, and I can almost taste it. Just around the corner.


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4 Responses to Come April

  1. *Wisher* says:

    lovely shots.. 😀

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Ohh I can’t wait to see blooming flower come out where I live…Sadly it is still to cold here…but yes it is raining now so hope to see all that snow wash away..go.go.go please.
    Love how beautiful your flowers look already. Enjoy

  3. Verónica says:

    Love how you captured the unfurling of the flowers. Lovely.

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