Yarn Along

P1000748I’m on a bit of a bunny countdown here – one head, two ears, one body down; legs, arms, stuffing and assembly, jumper and pants still to go.

I found a bookmark in one of the Game of Thrones volumes, so I’m taking that to be the place where I stopped. I don’t however remember, and also overtook my reading by watching the TV show last year, so I have no idea where I am in the grand scheme of things here. I’ll stick with it and I’m sure I’ll find out!

p.s.: There is still time to enter my Easter Giveaway on Facebook. Just click here – a winner will be drawn tonight!

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8 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Katie says:

    Looking forward to seeing the Easter bunny!

  2. I keep meaning to knit a little rabbit, but I’m “too old” for toys and I have no one to give it to.. Maybe I should just do it anyway. I like the colours!

  3. polwygle says:

    Another bunny! Once I’m done with this baby sweater I’m casting one on for my husband of all people. I can’t wait to see your new guy when he’s all assembled.

  4. elflyn says:

    Oh super cute!

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