Easter preparations

P1000896 P1000897 P1000901 P1000903 P1000904 P1000920This year, we dyed our eggs with food colouring, kitchen paper and vinegar (inspired by this tutorial), and stencils (idea from here – although we just used what we had, which was address labels!).

Now a braided Easter bread with vanilla pudding filling is in the oven and smelling delicious (recipe – in German – can be found here).

The weather forecast for tomorrow is not great around here, but I hope, wherever you are, that your Easter will be joyful.

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7 Responses to Easter preparations

  1. Katie says:

    Pretty new header image. The paper towel idea is pretty cool – I’ve never seen that!

  2. CJ says:

    Clever egg idea, it’s really effective. I hope you’re having a lovely Easter too. CJ xx

  3. ooo…I recognize these. We would pin prick each end and blow them out when I was young, saving the eggs to scramble rather than hard boil. I still remember decorating them…one was a Frenchman with a beret, another was a Spanish señorita and another was as science fiction alien…thank you for the memories.

  4. Very cool (and delicious looking)!

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