Follow the leader


After the baby’s midday nap he woke up less than well rested and happy.
I had been feeling restless too, so because we could, we packed up our things and headed out. I know that fresh air is the only cure for this type of cabin fever for me.

Dodging the builders climbing around on scaffolding outside our house and stuff falling down it (someone’s finally fixing our chimney), I wrestled the baby into the buggy. He is only really happy when he is somewhere not strapped in, but I wanted to get out into the green quickly. (You can imagine what car journeys are like!)
On the way we renewed my unread books at the library, and I picked up one more just for good measure.
Then we were off to meander around on wet grass and between trees, aimlessly following nice looking dogs, unassuming ducks and listening to the birds sing.
A wonder, what noticing the beautiful apple blossoms does to your restless mind.

After picking up the big boy I practised my yes.
Dinner was a leftover lasagne affair today, so yes, why not pop into the park.
Of course, it started to rain as soon as we got there.
But under the trees, while the boys jumped in puddles and climbed on rocks, I chatted to the lady we meet and only say Hello to on our way every morning, which was lovely.
And finally at home, the diggers were at work behind the building fence around the corner. So yes, why not do one last loop to watch them work.

Following the little leaders definitely helped my state of mind today.
And I’ll have to go back to take a picture of those apple blossoms for you very soon!

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2 Responses to Follow the leader

  1. Katie says:

    I have found that just saying “yes” leads to a smoother, less stressful day with the little babe. Of course, there are good reasons why I should say “no” sometimes – dinner needs cooked, some cleaning does need to be accomplished – but for the most part, I have the time to say yes.

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