This weekend came so quickly and was over even faster.
I have a slight hangover from too much cake! We met up with friends and tried a new cake recipe with grated apple, which the little guy pronounced the best ever (but I think just because he loves grating things so much).

We had a sunny picnic on slightly damp grass and turned on the heating on a freezing evening. Is this really May?

Well it’s certainly Monday, and I have lots of things planned for this week, so I better get started.

I hope all of you who celebrated Mother’s Day had a lovely day, and all of you have a good start to your new week. 

(In the meantime, if you fancy a treat, you can still save 20% off in the Etsy shop using the coupon code HAPPYMAY. And if you’re new to Etsy, click here to save an extra £5.)

Joining Amanda (for the last time, from next week onwards Karen will be hosting!).

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2 Responses to Weekending

  1. karen says:

    mmmmmmm, cake hangover…mmmmmm 😀 Happy mother’s day to you as well!

  2. CJ says:

    I’ve had a cake hangover too! Glad you had a good weekend, but you’re right, they do go too fast. CJ xx

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